Sophie’s Art Talks: Vietnamese History in Colour

Sophie’s Art Tour is now offering lectures in Vietnamese art history. The talks are an engaging and alternative way to understand Vietnamese history. Using images of artworks, photographs, footage and the personal stories of artists, Vietnam’s fascinating history is illuminated.

Sophie’s Art Talks are based on the personal experiences of artists who studied, fought, witnessed and documented major changes in 20th-century Vietnam. By exploring artist’s stories and artworks, the timeline of colonialism, war, communism and breakneck free-market development starts to come into focus. These talks are the result of extensive research and can be delivered in any location. For more information contact Sophie by email or by telephone +84 (0)1218303742

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Sophie’s Art Tour is based in Ho Chi Minh City and looks at Vietnam’s fascinating history through the lives and works of it’s artists.

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NEWS: Artist in Residency Programme: San Art: Laboratory

San Art, an independent, artist-run exhibition space and reading room located in Ho Chi Minh City, recently set up Laboratory, the first first home-grown ‘studio/residence’ programme in Vietnam. A nationwide call for applications resulted in three candidates being chosen.

For the previous six months they have lived and worked together in Ho Chi Minh City. Laboratory is aptly named – here they encourage artists to experiment with new materials and reflect on their own practice. The following images are a showcase 6 months of artwork production and experimentation. Each month the artists were joined by an established international artist to live with them and mentor them.

Tuấn Mami has immersed himself in the everyday city life of Saigon, carefully collecting a plethora of used objects that have been forgotten by this city’s residents. His works question the permanence and impermanence of man, object and beast and what they need to survive.

Trương Công Tùng takes the readily consumed media of film, reducing its presence and meaning to what he considers their basic form – color, shadow and light. His resulting sculptures and video works illustrate this artist’s ongoing study of the meaning of time and space, what is real and what is imagined.

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai takes the invasive instruments of a gynecologist and has turned them into wondrous objects of fancy. Examining the ways in which man and science perceive the female body as both vessel of life and sexualized body, Mai questions her own relationship to flesh and beauty. Confronted by the density of image and language in daily life.

Tuấn Mami (b. 1981, Hanoi) has a BA in Art Pedagogy, Hanoi Fine Art University and currently lives and works in Hanoi. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai (b. 1983, Hanoi) is a graduate of Traditional Decoration, Applied Arts, Hue Fine Arts University and currently lives and works in Hue. Trương Công Tùng (b. 1986, Daklak) has a BA in Lacquer Painting, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University and currently lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City.

Âm Binh ‘The Undead’: Pioneering Vietnamese Theatre

Âm Binh took a long hard cathartic look at the human side of war. A visceral Vietnamese drama of two soldiers from the north and the south, both saved by the same women whose only child has just been killed in the artillery barrages.
On the left hand side of the stage sat artist Tri Duc guiding us through the play with changing sand paintings projected onto the back of the stage. Throwing sand violently onto his glass canvas to imitate the fury of bombs and wars, then gently sweeping night skies, sunrises and landscapes as the play moved through the painful and lonely years after war.
Âm Binh was a daring and jarring story of war, loss, promises and betrayal, a tragic story of two warring brothers and the women who suffers for all. As the lights came up I could see the elderly lady in the row in front gently dabbing her eyes with a worn tissue, and as I walked out of the theatre I felt like countless experiences of war had been shared in this one simple but eloquent portrayal.
Âm Binh was shown throughout August 2012 at the Young World Stage, HCMC University of Theatre and Cinema, 125 Cống Quỳnh, Q.1 Tp.HCM.

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The World of Sound and Surface 1st June – 5th July 2012

Dewey Ambrosino and Tam Van Tran are friends from L.A, practically neighbors Dewey tells me at the opening reception of their collaborative exhibition at Sàn Art.

The exhibition comprises of a conversation between their works, Ambrosino’s is metallic, pulsing and noisy and Tam’s is quiet, natural and static.

Ambrosino is also a DJ and a fan of Dubstep, a genre of music with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns. When you dance to it you hear it but you also feel it reverberating in your stomach and your chest in a deep wobbling drawl.

He wanted to re-create this feeling and make it visual so he made a 17 minute piece of music, placed a sheet of reflective mylar in front of a big speaker and let the sound waves make the shapes. ‘It’s really simple, that’s what is so beautiful about it’ says Dewey as one of the guests on my art tour remarked on her intense experience with the work.

When you turn around to face Tam’s work the deep tremors are still moving through your gut but you start to see a different scene altogether, a glinting watery reflection on the wall that dances around the cast shadows from towers of coconut trunks, charred wood and round receptacles molded from the inside of watermelons.

Tam Van Tran (b. 1966, Kontum, Vietnam) lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. He received a BFA in Painting, Pratt Institute, New York in 1990. Tran’s artistic practice demonstrates his inter-disciplinary studies, often using unconventional materials to mark the transient nature of the tangible and intangible world.

Dewey Ambrosino (b. 1967, Chicago, USA) lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. He received a BFA in Sculpture and Industrial Design from University of Illinois, Chicago in 1991 and an MFA in Art from California Institute of the Arts in 1994. Ambrosino’s artistic practice examines the relationship between aesthetic phenomena and cultural conditioning through a variety of different media.
‘A Two-Person Show: Tam Van Tran and Dewey Ambrosino’
Sàn Art, 3 Me Linh street, district Binh Thanh, HCMC, Vietnam
June 1st – July 5th 2012
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6.30pm