Sophie’s Art Tour began as a personal research project in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011. After living in Vietnam since 2009 working in visual arts and film Sophie felt she had touched on parts of Vietnam’s fascinating visual culture but her knowledge was fragmented.

So Sophie’s Art Tour was born, out of personal curiosity and a desire to connect on a deeper level with Vietnam’s history; past and present. Sophie set herself a challenge to gather as much information as she could about Vietnamese art history from the internet, private libraries, old exhibition catalogues, books, magazines and by talking to artists, gallerists, curators, writers and researchers.

The experience started to shed light on parts of Vietnam’s fascinating, often tumultuous recent history. Artists who had lived through these times shared their stories which breathed new life and humanity into the timeline of history. Working closely with them the tour developed.

At the beginning of 2015 the journey continued to Hanoi where several months of research uncovered more extraordinary stories. The tour in Hanoi and compliments and contrasts to the tour in Ho Chi Minh City. The Hanoi tour was launched in October 2015. And again it was the collaboration with artists and people working in the creative scene that made the discovery of a lesser known side of the 1000 year old city and its people possible.

Sophie’s Art Tour continues to develop every day in new exhibitions, performances and projects being carried out by pioneering artists and organisations in Vietnam.  To find out more about the work of Sophie’s Art Tour collaborators and informants visit our links page.

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