IMG_0828 longSophie’s Art Tour is now offering talks in Vietnamese art history. The talks are an engaging and alternative way to understand Vietnamese history. Using images of artworks, photographs, footage and the personal stories of artists, Vietnam’s fascinating history is illuminated.

1412 German Business Group Meeting2 smSophie’s Art Talks are based on the personal experiences of artists who studied, fought, witnessed and documented major changes in 20th-century Vietnam. By exploring artist’s stories and artworks, the timeline of colonialism, war, communism and breakneck free-market development starts to come into focus.

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These talks are the result of extensive research and can be delivered in any location with a projector and a screen. Sophie’s Art Tour can provide the projector. If you would like to know more about the talks and the material covered please contact Sophie by email or by telephone +84 (0)1218303742.

Previous clients have included Standard Chartered Bank, Tetrapak, Dragon Capital, Starwood Hotels, Road Scholars, Heineken, German Business Group Vietnam and HSBC.