Art Spaces: HCMC

ZeroStation is a complex including a residential studio and exhibition space and aims to create more opportunities for dialogue among young artists in HCMC and beyond

Sàn Art
Sàn Art is an independent, artist-run exhibition space and reading room located in HCMC, dedicated to the exchange and cultivation of contemporary art in Vietnam.

HCMC Fine Arts Museum
Built around a courtyard, this building is a stunning mix of French and Chinese 1920′s and 30′s architectural styles. The museum houses a collection of ancient arts, propaganda art, combat art and early 90′s abstract art.

Craig Thomas Gallery
Craig Thomas Gallery is focused on supporting the development of emerging and mid-career Vietnamese artists.

Galerie Quynh
Galerie Quynh is a leading contemporary art gallery based in HCMC working with Vietnamese and international artists.

Sao La                                                                                                                               Sao La is a non-profit art collective. Their goal is to make contemporary art accessible to the general Vietnamese public and nurture Vietnam’s growing creative community.

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre
The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre is a modern creative hub that’s more than 1000smq and operates as an independent community. The aim is to bring artists and art lovers together by creating a language of art, which will increase the cultural values within Vietnam.

Caravelle Hotel
The Martini Bar at the Caravelle has a permanent collection of photographs by Catherine Karnow, a National Geographic photographer whose iconic and soulful works capture the past 25 years of Vietnam.

Art Spaces: Huế

New Space Arts Foundation
The New Space Art Foundation [NSAF] is an independent art space in Hue city, which was founded by the twins Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh who have had more than ten year experience in coordinating multiple and different visual art ctivities at their New Space Arts gallery.

Art Spaces: HÀ NỘI

Nhasan                                                                                                                               The first contemporary art studio in Vietnam and still running an artist led alternative programme

Tadioto                                                                                                                                 An alternative arts space, cafe and restaurant since 2008.

The National Museum of Fine Arts
The National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi Fine houses an impressive collection of   Vietnamese artworks ranging from the ancient to the modern.

Manzi                                                                                                                                  An artist run cafe where art exhibitions, talks, workshops, book introductions, movie screenings, music and dance performances all take place.

DOCLAB is a center/lab for documentary film making and video art based at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi. Its activities include basic film and video training, workshops, screenings and discussion, an editing lab and video library accessible to the public.

Art Vietnam                                                                                                                          Art Vietnam Gallery is an international gallery featuring contemporary Vietnamese art: painting, sculpture, lacquer, photography, video, and prints.

Cuc Gallery
Vietnamese and international contemporary art. Cuc Gallery run MAM Arts Space in collaboration with The Womens Museum.

Cuci Fine Arts
Exhibits works by young Vietnamese and International artists.

Work Room Four
A collective that hosts exhibitions and provides workshops and design consultancy.

Salon Natasha
The home, studio, artist meeting and exhibition space of the late Hanoi artist Vũ Dân Tân and his Russian born wife Natalia Kraevskaia.

54 Traditions
54 Traditions Gallery focuses on antiques, artifacts and art of Vietnam’s 53 minority groups and the Kinh majority people. A gem of a place to visit where you can also buy genuine works.

Organisations: HCMC

a little blah blah
a little blah blah (albb) is an artists’ initiative that since 2005 has operated as a platform for contemporary art through a wide range of channels including projects, exhibitions & events, screenings, talks, a residency program, internships and an open-access archive of art books & catalogues.

Art Labor Collective                                                                                                          Art Labor is an artist and scientist collective based in Ho Chi Minh City who work in between visual arts and social sciences in order to produce alternative non-formal knowledge via artistic and cultural activities.

Flyingbay is an artists collective focusing on experimental and conceptual art practice through collaboration.

mê phim – passionate about film
mê phim – passionate about film is a community based film organization based in HCMC.

Future Shorts
Future Shorts is a global film festival which screens independent short film in alternative spaces.

Art Resources: COLLECTIONS

Witness Collection
Witness Collection is one of the largest Vietnamese art collections in the world. Witness Collection is also an organisation involved in extensive research into Vietnamese art, art history and conservation.

Dogma Collection
Dogma Collection is one of the world’s largest collections of original Vietnamese propaganda art. Dogma Collection is involved in primary research into Vietnamese art and conservation of Propaganda works on paper. HCMC

Post Vidai 
Established in 1994, ‘Post Vidai’ is a collection of artworks that focuses on the development of Vietnamese contemporary art. Many of the works can be seen at Saigon Domaine ( a luxury residences in HCMC which also houses two galleries with changing exhibitions.


and of other things is an online magazine that features art and artists from Hanoi and across Vietnam who work in design, photography, film, music. They also write about food, fashion, issues and environment.

diacritics covers the arts, politics and culture of the Vietnamese at home and in the diaspora.

Asia Art Archive is a dynamic, growing body of material that reflects contemporary artistic practice and developments of Asia within an international context. It includes books and catalogues, audiovisual material, rare periodicals, primary source material, and individual personal archives.

Art Radar scans the global quality press on and offline to bring you selected topical stories about the taste-changing, news-making and the up-and-coming in Asian contemporary art.

Saigon Apollo Dionysus is a resource that lists the cultural agenda of Saigon as well as interviews with artists , musicians and performers.


Saigon Art Book
Saigon Art Book is an independent publication in HCMC, their mission is to make art accessible by publishing a quarterly that profiles local artists. Each book is accompanied by a launch party and exhibition of featured works in a venue in HCMC. /

Vietnamese Aesthetics from 1925 Onwards
Boi Tran Huynh Beattie
A detailed overview of Vietnamese visual culture containing the first comprehensive study of artists in South Vietnam between 1954 and 1975.

Drawing Under Fire: War Diary of a Young Vietnamese Artist
Phạm Thanh Tâm
Artist and military reporter Phạm Thanh Tâm was twenty-two years old in 1954 when he wrote his diary and created his sketches at the battle of Dien Bien Phu during the Franco-Vietnam War (1946-1954)
Asia Ink 2005

Essays on Modern and Contemporary Vietnamese Art
Singapore Art Museum
A collection of essays from the ‘Symposium on Modern and Contemporary Vietnamese Art’. (available at San Art reading room)

Vietnamese Contemporary Art 1990-2010
Phạm Trung & Bùi Như Hương
A rare overview of Vietnamese contemporary art beginning with the avant guarde artists of 1990’s and continuing through unchartered fields of expression employed by artists throughout the 2000’s.
Knowledge Publishing House 2012 (available at Sàn Art and HCMC Fine Arts Museum)

Painters in Hanoi: An Ethnography of Vietnamese Art
Nora Annesly Taylor
Drawing on interviews with artists, cultural officers, curators, art critics, and others in Hanoi, Taylor surveys the impact artists have had on Vietnam’s intellectual life.
NUS Press 2009